Who We Are?

We at Air Dash aim to create viable deliveries of medical essentials to every remote corner in India.

We manoeuvre drones for speedier transportation of medical supplies to reduce deficiency-related deaths.

Utilization of a network of remotely piloted Vertical Take-Off and Landing(VTOL) drones to facilitate express delivery to people in need.

Problems We Face 

2.4 million people in India die of treatable illnesses each year due to affordability and availability issues. 

1 out of every 10 patient needs a blood transfusion which the hospitals fail to provide at the right time.
7/10 children don't get mandatory vaccinations on time due to poor inventory management.
Accessibility plays a big role in the availability of blood units, vaccines, medicines and medical equipment to the people living in rural areas in India.

Our Solutions

Our fleet of drones can deliver the healthcare essentials within minutes thereby, ensuring availability at the right time.
Air Dash aims to thrive a balance in inventory management by using the "Just-in-time" concept, and thereby, improving the availability of medical supplies in remotely located hospitals.
We aspire to reduce the cost of delivering medical supplies to poorly connected areas.